Future Plans for the Chattahoochee Museum Location

We have been working with state, county, city, university and not for profit partner organizations to develop the plans for the Chattahoochee property. The most significant project was completed in the summer of 2009 in conjunction with Riverway South projected conducted by the Fannin Institute from the University of Georgia. This project followed a similar project in the City of Apalachicola that we participated in as well. This planning document has been incorporated in much of the current activity going on at the Chattahoochee Landing property. Pease look over the excerpts of the plans below and read through the full Final Report for a more in depth view of the coordinate plans among the cities of Chattahoochee, Sneeds and the Chattahoochee Landing property.

Aerial view of the grounds.

A day of paddling on the river with the US90 bridge in the background and museum operations off to the right.

The renovated concrete building on site to house the museum, café, kayak rental and bait & tackle operations.

Landscape and Building Planning

We have a team working on site actively now to designing and implementing a comprehensive landscape plan that will implement all of the concepts developed by the University of Georgia project along with coordination from local leaders and experts. Below is the plan for the new courtyard in front of the historic concrete building and surrounding parking.

Chattahoochee Landing building elevation.

We have designed this courtyard structure to be on a consistent level with the floor of the building such that in the event of flooding, this will provide a large dock area into the flooded river that will enable access for emergency use. The courtyard will also have a summer time fountain that becomes a fire circle in the winter. Plans are to have a garden with edible landscape as part of the museum educational mission.

Regulatory update

We have been working closely with the Florida Department of Community Affairs and other regulatory agencies to ensure our activities are compliant with the Florida Land Use Management programs. We are also working with the City of Chattahoochee to annex the property into the city. Our compliance reports were completed in March and we held our first set of formal meetings at the Chattahoochee City Commission meeting where we received full support from the Planning and Zoning board and the City Commission. We are continuing the process through with anticipation of receiving all final approvals and operating permits by June of 2010. Below are links to the reports that we prepared and submitted to the regulatory agencies.

Florida Land Use Management Change Request

Chattahoochee Annexation Report