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Build a Boat!
Build a Boat!
28 December 2012 
Apalachicola Maritime Museum - Apalachicola
Wooden Boat School


Build a Boat!  The Six Hour Canoe will be a good family boat building project which constructs a quality wooden canoe from two 4 x 8 sheets of marine plywood and a few pieces of dimensional lumber and, with epoxy glued seams, is watertight when finished.  When completed, the canoe is 15' 3" in length with a 31 ½" beam. It can be paddled with kayak or canoe paddles.  Inexpensive to build using ordinary tools and materials, the canoe gives everybody access to boat building and a boat. The course runs two days with an optional day of painting on the third day.   The AMM will provide all of the materials and instructors to keep you and your friends and family on the right course.  We will build up to four boats in a weekend and group size is limited to four.  The cost is $200 per group and you take the boat home with you on your car top or in the back of a pickup.  (Completed over 2-3 days).  Email us for more information.


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