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The Apalachicola Maritime Museum was founded to celebrate and preserve the rich maritime heritage of Apalachicola in a hands-on learning environment with active boating excursions, adventure programs, boat building and restoration, and educational programs. We offer a variety of educational and recreational boat tours including historical tours, eco-tours, kayak trips, sunset cruises, sailing programs, and excursions to pristine barrier islands.

Collectively, the activities of the Apalachicola Maritime Museum will provide a glimpse into the rich and diverse history of the three rivers that come together to form the largest river in Florida, the Apalachicola. Our mission is to help broaden knowledge and appreciation of this important, unspoiled resource and encourage stewardship of ecosystems in the Apalachicola/Chattahoochee/Flint river basin, and the Apalachicola Bay and Gulf of Mexico coastal regions, which rely upon river outflows.

Mission & History

The Apalachicola Maritime Museum is a 501(c)(3) organization founded to celebrate and preserve the maritime history of Apalachicola in the form of a maritime museum, active sailing, boat building and restoration programs, educational programs and stewardship of ecosystems in the Apalachicola Chattahoochee Flint River System, the Apalachicola Bay and the Gulf Coastal regions which rely upon river outflow.

Originally founded in 1995 with the Governor Stone, the Apalachicola Maritime Museum quickly became an icon for maritime heritage in Apalachicola. Maintenance and lack of adequate funding led to dissolution of the Apalachicola Maritime Museum in 2004 and departure of the Governor Stone.

Realizing that the return of the Stone was no longer an option, a search was begun that took a dedicated crew of visionaries in search of an appropriate alternative. The search went from Miami to Maine and from Newport, California to the Abaco Island group of the Bahamas. After sailing and searching many wooden vessels, we found the Quark, a faithful replication of the L. Francis Herreschoff ketch design of the 1930s named Mobjack. The Quark was built in 2002 by Steve White of the Brooklyn Boat Yard in Brooklyn, Maine. She is double planked with fir over cedar and fastened with custom forged Monel fasteners. Her decks and house are teak and she is one solid boat easily handling up to 20 passengers for a day sail.

Museum Locations

The Apalachicola Maritime Museum has two locations. The first location has been open since late 2007 and is located at the end of the Apalachicola River in the city of Apalachicola. The second is at the start of the Apalachicola River in the city of Chattahoochee and is set to open soon. There is a lot of planning and construction going on at each location which will span the next several years as we seek to make the Museum a world class attraction by which to spread the educational message of economic opportunity through environmental stewardship, working waterfront maintenance, heritage based skills and ecotour adventures that broaden the mind, renew the spirit and tone the muscle. We encourage your feedback on our plans. Please send your thoughts and suggestions on our facility improvement plans to Museum Administration.

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